FPI Remote Access Guide using Citrix


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Approved Browsers: 1

How to launch Citrix using Internet Explorer: 1

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Approved Browsers:

·         Firefox

·         Chrome

·         Internet Explorer 9,10,11

Authentication Prerequisites:

Before a user is able to connect to the FPI Citrix environment they must register and active their DUO account.  Duo is a two-factor authentication model that adds a new second layer of security to the University of Maryland Faculty Physicians, Inc. Citrix remote access portal.  Please follow the directions located here to setup your DUO account.

How to launch Citrix using Internet Explorer:

1.       Connect your computer to the internet

2.       Open Internet Explorer

3.       Navigate to https://remote.fpi.umaryland.edu

4.       You will see the following screen, enter your username, password and select your domain from the drop-down menu. And then click “Log In”.

5.       ***Users logging in from the University of Maryland Campus network including FPI skip to Step 6***  Users connecting to Citrix from outside of the University of Maryland Campus network please follow the steps below.

a.      Depending on your enrollment you will then be prompted via mobile app, phone or passcode (text message) to verify this access.

6.       Once logged in, you will get the following screen to install the Citrix Receiver. Click on “I agree…” and Install.

7.       The following prompt box will appear at the bottom of the page.  Click “Run” at the bottom of the page

8.       Select “Yes” if prompted

9.       Then click START, Check the box to “Accept the License agreement” then click Next. Select “No Thanks” to the Customer experience Improvement Program and then Click Install.

10.   Then click Finish.

11.   Once you logged in, you will see a portal that allows you to launch Apps or Desktops that run seamlessly from your computer, while they are actually running from the Citrix server.  

12.   Running Citrix Desktop

a.       Selecting DESKTOPS (1) tab and then “Citrix Desktop or GP2015 Citrix Desktop if you are a Great Plains user” (2) will open a Citrix session on the FPI servers which will look just like a regular desktop.

13.   Running Applications

a.       Selecting Apps.


14.   Application or Desktop will launch once you click on the appropriate shortcut. You will be presented with the following dialog box, please select “Do not ask me again…” and do Permit Use.




Due to the fact, that Citrix is a multi-user environment and as a result highly volatile and susceptible to various threats both to security AND reliability, new Citrix servers were lockdown using industry-standard high-security lockdown templates. Some of the things that a user cannot do on the new servers are:

-          Download and install files, ActiveX controls, etc.

-          Access system and local drives from Citrix

-          Install printers

-          Being able to change system variables

The servers also have improved security logging in place. Any and all user’s activity in Citrix is tracked and logged.

Please be aware though that the lockdown is not an absolute and that a savvy user, given enough time and effort, will be able to install QuickTime player on a Citrix server.

This server is designed for business usage only and is shared by ALL USERS. Keeping it this way will allow for a secure and trouble-free operation for the years to come. Please be considerate and do not try to seek ways to break or bypass the established security protocols or perform something that is not allowed by default, like installing a java-based Yahoo messenger on the Citrix server. You will jeopardize the ability to remotely access corporate resources for all Faculty Physicians Inc users.


Citrix utilizes Citrix Universal Driver that allows a user to print to ANY printer. When you select File-Print, it will present you with a list of printers currently present on your local computer. Default Printer on your computer will be default in Citrix.

Scheduled Reboot

Citrix servers are scheduled to reboot overnight between 3:00 AM Eastern Time. If you happen to be working in Citrix during these hours, you will be notified to save your work and log off.

You can log back in in 10 minutes.

Please do not ignore the warnings to log off, for the script will log you out automatically after 3 warnings and you changes may not be saved in process.